Luxe Fragrances by Luxe Organix Secret Desire/ Sweet Serenity/ Dreamy Bliss EDT 100ml


Product Description

Luxe Fragrances is a collection of scents made for daily use.

Dreamy Bliss – A warm vanilla scent that is both sweet & musky.

The perfect scent that celebrates individuality, the experience of this fragrance inspires one to discover their true self.

Secret Desire – A warm spicy scent that is both alluring & sophisticated.

The perfect scent that instantly captures attention, this fragrance empowers you to take risks and conquer your fears.

Sweet Serenity – A rosy, citrus, scent that is both delicate & clean.

The perfect scent that will bring out your soft feminine aura, this fragrance will truly charm anyone’s heart.

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Sweet Serenity, Secret Desire, Dreamy Bliss