APOLLO Sebo De Macho 25g


APOLLO Sebo De Macho 25g

The Apollo Sebo de Macho is an ointment cream that is tried-and-tested when it comes to reducing the appearance of scars. This ointment cream is for all types of wounds like bruises, abrasions, contusions, grazes or any type of wound in which the topmost layer of your skin is scraped off. It is made from pure mutton?s tallow, which can lighten scars while also keeping your skin moisturized at the same time.

– Effective in removing fresh scars
– Can be used as a base for moisturizers and face foundation

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Directions for use:
1. Apply directly on the skin regularly.
2. Don’t apply it to a fresh bloody wound but wait until the wound is about to dry and heal or about to form a scab then apply it over and around the healing dry wound.

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