AHA body serum 500ml


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AHA body serum 500ml exfoliate skin whitening dead skin exfoliate reveal new skin whitening 90% serum whitening

AHA Serum Whitening exfoliates skin cells Body serum Whitening body serum that removes dead skin cells to reveal new whiter brighter skin 80% Concentrated and more powerful than concentrate AHA texture solution The solution is much more stable and pure than conventional solutions.

Adjust Brighten skin to the max.

Exfoliate skin cells quickly. #The more you apply, the whiter you get #The results are seen very quickly #The most powerful white Mix with lotions, creams, scrubs from all brands.

đź’“Volume:500 ML


This one is white and clear skin very quickly. Who doesn’t want to be white, don’t buy.

đź’“How to use:

Apply the solution onto the body after bathing and before going to bed. By going down as the first of every skincare item

đź’“Recommended: If you have never used it, you should start from Apply just before going to bed. If the skin starts to adjust, apply morning-evening normally. Can be used with any brand of cream, lotion, serum or skin scrub.

AHA will help speed up efficiency.

Don’t forget! Apply enough sunscreen on your body regularly.

For maximum clear skin results Sensitive skin can use it.

It doesn’t bite the skin, doesn’t cause rashes, and doesn’t sting the skin.

Can be used by all skin types.

Hereditary black, sunburned skin, two-tone skin, yellow-white skin, and even white skin.

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